Contingency & Retained Search

Crossover Search has earned the trust of clients, and continually reaffirms that trust, by putting the right people in place. This will be the outcome when you work with us, regardless of which path you choose. We offer contingency search and retained search, and based on your needs, can also combine the two into a customized “co-tainer” arrangement.

The difference between these options has to do with the fee structure.

A retained search is typically paid out in three installments. A contingency search is paid out when, and only when, the search is successfully completed. A co-tainer requires one mutually agreed-upon upfront payment, which retains our services and allows us to prioritize the search. As with a contingency search, the balance is due only when you make a hire. This allows for the possibility that you might find the right candidate elsewhere. Our goal is to offer our clients as much flexibility as possible.

Regardless of the type of search you choose, you can expect a sense of urgency along with utmost professionalism. You can also expect high quality: Any candidate we send to you has passed a rigorous assessment, so you spend time only on those who are highly qualified and suited to your culture.

As a boutique firm, Crossover Search offers highly competitive rates. If you are unsure which fee structure will work best for you, please contact us. We’ll be happy to provide additional details and recommendations.