Starting my career in Executive Search in Finance in 2007 opened an unexpected door to an industry I wasn’t too familiar with – life sciences and biotechnology, and I’m so grateful it did. As the second employee to join Crossover Search, since 2013, I’ve become a student of this vast industry and have placed candidates at all levels across a wide range of functions embedded in the drug development process. I pride myself in the knowledge I’ve gained and use it on a daily basis to be a great resource to both candidates and clients as they approach their search processes. Although we’ve become more specialized at Crossover Search, I’ve built a strong and versatile foundation having recruited in most areas across the industry – Discovery/Research, Clinical/Medical, and Commercial along with the more generalized areas of Program/Portfolio Management, Business Development/Corporate Strategy, and Regulatory Affairs. I’ve become passionate about drug development and enjoy learning something new each day from my work. This passion has also led to developing other areas of Crossover Search including a data driven approach to our search process based on company research and market intelligence. 

I received my B.S. in Finance & Entrepreneurship from Syracuse University. 

Outside of work, I enjoy building a family with my partner Ashley and daughter Addison. I still also find ways to follow my passion for sports either by attending Giants football games or kicking the ball around with my nephews.