Perfecting the Science of Search

Crossover Search is focused on the recruitment and assessment of talent for clients in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and diagnostics industries. We understand the patient-centric mission of these companies, and the role we play as a resource and partner.

We take a scientific approach to search execution, using methodologies that have been tested and proven. This gives us a framework for efficiency, allowing us to carry out assignments with the urgency they often demand. At the same time, being a boutique firm allows us to be flexible and provide customized solutions. Flexibility, persistence, and an open dialogue are hallmarks of our service.

At the heart of our work is our passion for life sciences. We are embedded in the industry, and constantly stay on top of trends, scientific advancements and industry news.

Form Follows Function

In order to find the most promising candidates for our clients’ needs, we have structured our firm around the core functions of drug discovery, clinical development and commercialization. Project teams are led by experts in recruitment for each area, who bring knowledge of the business, established networks, and functional expertise to the table.